Covid-19: is it normal that there are now more vaccinated than unvaccinated in the hospital?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – This statistic from the Ministry of Health agitates the “antivax” on social networks. Is there an explanation for these numbers which can be confusing?

THE QUESTION. In the midst of an epidemic recovery, a symbolic milestone has been crossed: there are now more vaccinated people admitted each day to intensive care for a severe form of Covid than unvaccinated. These figures are not the invention of some refractory to vaccination. These are completely official data from the Drees, the “statistics” service of the Ministry of Health. We learn that on October 31 (date of the latest data available), 26 vaccinated people were admitted to a critical care unit, against “only” 23 unvaccinated. The same phenomenon is observed for conventional hospitalizations.

Here is a new bone to gnaw on for the “antivax”. Some see it as glaring proof that vaccines don’t work. On Twitter, we even brandish the figures for the Pays de la Loire region where, at the height of the demonstration, 11 times more vaccinated than unvaccinated are in hospital. Do not throw any more! Have we been cheated, as skeptics understand? Or is it actually normal that there are now more vaccinated than unvaccinated in the hospital?

CHECKS. That the rationalists

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