Covid-19: journey inside the virus

REPORT – The medical imaging techniques of star radiologist Rodolphe Gombergh track virus concentrations even in the pulmonary alveoli. They reveal the appearance of embolisms in the arteries, which are the leading cause of death from the pandemic. A French world premiere!

In early March 2020, during the first signs of the first wave of Covid-19, Dr Rodolphe Gombergh, renowned radiologist, felt overwhelmed by lightning fatigue which forced him to go to bed. Its temperature rises to 38.5 ° C before dropping to 37.5 after 24 hours. While he does not experience any other symptoms or respiratory problems, he cannot imagine for a moment being positive for Covid-19. A test comes to prove the contrary! At 68, he is astonished to endure the attacks of this dreaded virus so easily. He then got the idea of ​​using his advanced seven-dimensional medical imaging technique to check the condition of his pulmonary arteries.

He discovers the signs of minimal thrombosis, but above all the visual evidence of the presence of the coronavirus inside his lungs. This is already in the process of evacuating (it will take a month to permanently leave his body) without affecting him particularly. Strange… Suddenly, it clicks! Rodolphe Gombergh

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