Covid-19: London abolishes quarantine for vaccinated travelers from France

The conditions for going across the Channel are easing. The British government announced Wednesday, August 4, in the evening, the removal from Sunday of the quarantine imposed on travelers vaccinated against Covid-19 arriving in England from France, can we read on the website of the Ministry of Transport British (link in English). London thus lifts a measure denounced as “discriminatory” by Paris, imposed three weeks ago, and that the government of Boris Johnson had justified by the presence “persistent” of the Beta variant in France.

The Hexagon thus finds the orange list (link in English), which only imposes a quarantine of between five and 10 days on travelers who are not vaccinated. French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy are also on this list. On the other hand, Reunion Island and Mayotte, where the Beta variant initially identified in neighboring South Africa is present, are classified in red, reserving only British residents the possibility of returning to England, at the cost of an expensive quarantine. at the hotel compulsory 10 days.

In addition, Spain, the first destination for British holidaymakers, escapes the red list and remains in orange. India, Barhein, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates leave the red list to be classified in orange. Seven countries, including Germany, are joining the green list, requiring only a negative test before departure and a test on the second day. The rules set by the UK government apply only to England, but local governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland generally adopt the same measures.

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