Covid-19: Moderna has begun trials of a specific vaccine booster dose against the Omicron variant

This booster designed specifically against the Omicron variant will be evaluated as both a third and fourth dose.

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The American company Moderna has announced that it has started clinical trials of a booster dose of a vaccine designed specifically against the Omicron variant, it announces in a press release. (in English) Wednesday January 26. These trials will include a total of 600 adults, half of whom have already received two doses of Moderna’s vaccine at least six months ago, and the other half have received not only these two initial doses, but also the booster dose already authorized. The specific booster against the Omicron variant will therefore be evaluated both as a third and fourth dose.

In its press release, the company also claims that after the booster dose already authorized, the levels of neutralizing antibodies remain at a satisfactory level against the Omicron variant, even six months after the injection. The specific vaccine trial is therefore conducted because “of the long-term threat posed by Omicron’s immune escape”, explains CEO Stéphane Bancel.

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