Covid-19: nearly 85% of patients hospitalized in France are unvaccinated

A new study from the Drees indicates that the unvaccinated represent a very large majority of hospital admissions between May 31 and July 11, whether in conventional hospitalization or in critical care.

A new strong argument in favor of vaccination? Friday, July 30, the Directorate of Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) shed new light on the distribution of hospital admissions according to vaccination status. And if it was still needed, this study proves that vaccination can considerably limit the risk of hospitalization and death. Over the period from May 31 to July 11, it shows that the unvaccinated accounted for nearly 85% of hospital admissions, whether in conventional hospitalization or in critical care. A figure which corresponds to the share of non-vaccinated tested positive (80%), on which the Drees looked from June 28 to July 4.

For this study, the vaccination status of patients was defined according to four modalities: non-vaccinated, who received no vaccine dose, “recent first dose”, who received a first injection for at least 14 days, the “effective first dose”, which received a first dose for more than 14 days or a second for seven days or less and finally, people who have benefited from a complete vaccination schedule.

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Significantly greater risk of death without vaccination

And the result is final. Between May 31 and July 11, the case of just over 6,700 patients admitted to conventional hospitalization, 1,700 in critical care and 900 deaths were studied. The proportion of unvaccinated people among those entering conventional hospitalization or critical care is therefore very large: 84% and 85% respectively. A proportion almost twice as high as that of unvaccinated people in the general population (45%). Conversely, only 7% of fully vaccinated people were admitted to conventional hospitalization or critical care.

The study also proves that the risk of death is much greater without the vaccination. Thus, of the 6,758 patients admitted to hospital, 926 died. And among them, 720 were not vaccinated, or 78%. Conversely, only 11% of those who died had a full vaccination schedule.

The increase in hospital admissions attributable to the unvaccinated

Another lesson from the DREES study: the recent rise in hospital admissions is mainly driven by the unvaccinated. As a reminder, 7,236 patients suffering from Covid-19 were hospitalized in France on Thursday July 29, a figure up slightly compared to the day before (7,208). The number of people in intensive care was also on the rise, with 1,015 patients in intensive care on Thursday, against 992 the day before. On average between July 5 and 11, 50 unvaccinated people versus six fully vaccinated people were admitted to conventional hospitalization, according to Drees. Over the same period, 15 unvaccinated people were admitted daily to critical care, compared to only one with the full vaccination schedule.

Finally, for all age groups, the proportion of vaccinated patients entering the hospital is markedly lower than that which they represent in the general population. For example, unvaccinated patients aged 30 to 40 represent 93% of admissions to conventional hospitalization between May 31 and July 11, while on average, during this period, 59% of French people in this age group were not vaccinated. Conversely, fully vaccinated people aged 70 to 80 represent only 13% of people admitted to critical care or conventional hospitalization between May 31 and July 11, while they represent 68% of French people in this bracket. of age.


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