Covid-19: occupational and school medicine have been put under pressure

While the school health and occupational health services are experiencing a shortage of doctors, they are in great demand to fight the spread of Sars-CoV-2.

Isolate the sick child, draw up a list of contact cases, warn families, the regional health agency (ARS) and Medicare… Since last May, the Dr Marianne Barré, a school doctor in the Loiret, is chasing the virus. “This epidemic has completely changed my work. I only do crisis management within the Covid cell ”, describes the practitioner also deputy general secretary of the Syndicate of school doctors (SNMSU-Unsa Education).

In his department, the Dr Barré can count on three other colleagues. A very insufficient number while it has 22,000 students under its responsibility. But Loiret is not the only department in need of school doctors. The shortage is systemic: there are barely 900 practitioners for the 12 million students. And the pressure on these already anemic services has only increased. “We also take care of the teachers. There is almost no occupational medicine at the National Education. In

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