Covid-19: Pfizer tests a tablet to swallow at the first symptoms

DECRYPTION – Developed specifically against Sars-CoV2, the molecule is already considered very promising by specialists.

Already on the strength of its success in terms of vaccines, the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is pursuing in parallel its quest for a drug against Covid-19.

Designated by an encrypted code (PF-07321332), this treatment is in the form of a tablet to be swallowed at the first symptoms. While the active ingredient has been shown to be effective on the virus grown in the laboratory (as well as on other coronaviruses), phase 1 trials have just started in humans in March.

About sixty volunteers were recruited to verify the safety of the treatment at different dosages. An essential preliminary step to continue clinical trials which will then aim to demonstrate its therapeutic value.

A type of treatment already successful

While there is still a long way to go, the molecule is already considered very promising by specialists. “Unlike most drugs tested to date, this treatment has been specifically developed against Sars-CoV-2”, underlines Christophe Bécavin, teacher-researcher

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