Covid-19: “Pregnant women must be vaccinated without reluctance”, assures gynecologist Joëlle Belaisch-Allart

“We must vaccinate pregnant women without reluctance”, assured Tuesday July 27 on franceinfo Joëlle Belaisch-Allart, head of the obstetric gynecology service of the Four Cities hospital center in Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine) and president of the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF). “To be vaccinated is to protect yourself, protect your baby and protect others”, insists Joëlle Belaisch-Allart. The gynecologist adds that, if the co-parent “must be vaccinated”, the health pass will not be required at the time of delivery. “You can’t imagine preventing a dad from attending his wife’s delivery.”

franceinfo: Is the issue of vaccination of pregnant women a real cause for concern?

Yes and no. It is clear that pregnant women were probably a little disturbed because first of all, we had said that it should not be done. This is what the High Authority for Health said. Then do it, but as a precautionary principle in the second trimester, not in the first. And now, we recommend doing it regardless of the trimester. Probably, pregnant women have indeed been a bit lost in these various announcements. But now, things are clear. To be vaccinated is to protect yourself, protect your baby and protect others. So, yes, we are very much in favor of immunizing pregnant women from the first trimester. The current data is extremely reassuring. In other countries, apart from France, we have been vaccinated since the start of pregnancy. And the first publications came out: there are no more miscarriages, no more malformations, no more premature births. Pregnant women must be reassured and pregnant women must be vaccinated.

Have you listed all the questions that came up in recent months?

On the one hand, pregnant women are like the rest of the population, in which unfortunately there are too many unfounded fears about vaccination. And besides, they have their babies. They are afraid of harming him. At first, we were too reassuring about the Covid and pregnant women. We all said: ‘We know it was more serious in men, they are women, they are young, they are healthy, so everything will be fine. In fact, this is not entirely true. We now know that there are serious Covids in pregnant women, in the third trimester, and that pregnancy promotes these complications because their anatomy and physiology are altered. Therefore, pregnant women must be vaccinated without reluctance.

There remains the question of the health pass during pregnancy monitoring. Is it a problem ?

It will be mandatory to have a health pass for all unscheduled care. But of course, during pregnancy, we will continue to take care of patients, whether they have it or not. They will come to the hospital and even more for the delivery, which is an emergency. So there is no problem. The accompanying person must be vaccinated. But at the time of childbirth, we consider that the father, the co-parent, is not a companion like the others. We encourage him to have the pass. He is encouraged to take a test. But we can not imagine preventing a dad from attending the birth of his wife because he would not have the sanitary pass. It is not an accompaniment like the others.

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