Covid-19: Quebec will introduce a compulsory vaccination passport for recreation

The measure will be in place from September 1, to fight against the resumption of the epidemic, due in particular to the Delta variant.

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A new weapon against the Covid-19. Quebecers wanting to eat at a restaurant, go out to a bar, go to a gym or attend a festival will have to present a vaccination passport from September 1, announced Tuesday August 10 the Minister of Health of Quebec, Christian Dubé.

Quebec is the first Canadian province to implement the vaccination passport, which will be necessary for anyone who wishes “have access to public events with high traffic (clientele) and activities with a high rate of socialization contact”. The provincial government is to clarify in the coming weeks which specific public places will have the obligation to require the vaccination passport, which will be required in paper or electronic format through a free application. Pilot projects will be launched Wednesday in collaboration with Quebec companies to test the mobile application and prepare for the launch of the vaccine passport in three weeks.

A fourth wave of Covid-19 in Quebec is, according to the minister, “inevitable” due to the Delta variant, “more dangerous and more contagious”. Quebec, the second most populous province in Canada after Ontario, recorded 234 new cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours on Tuesday. Nearly 84% of Quebecers have received a first dose of vaccine and 70% are fully vaccinated.

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