Covid-19: restaurants, cinemas, stores … From gauges to sanitary pass, Jean Castex details the next stages of deconfinement

“I say it in the clearest way: we are finally on the way out of this health crisis on a lasting basis.” In an exclusive interview with Parisien (article for subscribers), Monday, May 10, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, welcomed the gradual decline of the Covid-19 epidemic in France. “We are reaching our goal and it is good news”, he continued.

“Obviously, this exit will be done in a progressive, careful and accompanied way”, tempered the head of government, detailing to the regional daily the modalities of the next stages of deconfinement. Reopening of terraces and rooms in restaurants, bars and cafes, gauges in shops, museums or cinemas … Franceinfo takes stock of Matignon’s details.

May 19

• For restaurants, cafes and bars. The terraces of these establishments will reopen at 50% of their capacity on May 19, with tables for a maximum of six people. The latter will have to remain seated.

• For shops. All the stores considered non-essential during the confinement period will in turn be able to reopen on May 19. One customer at a time will be allowed in stores smaller than 8 m2, and a minimum of 8 m2 per customer will be required for stores with a larger surface area. The rule will be the same for open markets, and will be 4 m2 per person for outdoor markets.

• For museums. A gauge of 8 m2 per person is also planned for the reopening of the museums on May 19.

For cinemas and theaters. These rooms will again welcome the public on May 19, with a maximum capacity of 35% and a ceiling of 800 spectators, specifies Matignon to the Parisian. This rule will also apply to function rooms and multipurpose rooms.

June 9

• For restaurants, cafes and bars. For the second stage of these reopening, on June 9, the terraces can this time reopen entirely, with however the maintenance of tables of six people maximum. The rooms of these establishments will also be able to reopen, with a capacity of 50% and tables of six maximum as well.

• For shops. The gauge per customer changes from 8 m2 to 4 m2 on June 9, in shops as well as inside markets. It is lifted for outdoor markets.

For museums. As for shops, the gauge will be 4 m2 per person in museums from June 9.

For cinemas and theaters. Reception capacity will drop from 35% to 65% on June 9, with a spectator ceiling changing from 800 to 5,000 people. From 1,000 people, a health pass will be applied, precise The Parisian. These rules will also apply to party rooms or multipurpose rooms.

June 30

• For restaurants, cafes and bars. The rooms of these establishments will be able to open entirely, while ensuring the maintenance of barrier gestures and physical distancing. A health protocol will be applied depending on the epidemic situation on that date.

• For shops. June 30 should mark, in principle, the end of gauges in stores and markets, specifies Matignon.

For museums. Gauges will no longer be necessary in museums, but the government nevertheless calls for the maintenance of physical distancing measures, and the respect of barrier gestures in these establishments.

For cinemas and theaters. These places will be able to welcome the public without gauge from June 30, always respecting physical distancing and barrier gestures. A health pass will remain in effect for any event bringing together more than 1,000 people.

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