Covid-19: rising hospital pressure continues to increase in France

Nearly 2,500 patients are being treated in critical care units, according to hospital data released on Friday.

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Hospital pressure linked to Covid-19 continues to grow in France, where 2,498 patients were treated in critical care services, Friday, December 10, against 2,491 Thursday. In 24 hours, 250 new patients were admitted to these services. This key indicator, at its highest since June, has seen a continuous increase since the arrival this fall of the fifth wave of the pandemic in France. In total, hospitals now accommodate 13,629 patients with Covid-19.

Over the past 24 hours, 55,339 new cases of contamination have been recorded, down slightly from Thursday (more than 56,000) and Wednesday (more than 61,000), told AFP Public Health France, including the website has experienced a display delay.

To avoid congestion in critical care services, seven regions have reactivated the white plan, which notably allows operations to be deprogrammed and staff to be reassigned to critical care services.

“The situation is tense. Today, the difficulty is less finding additional beds than making sure not to close the beds that have been opened”, testified on RTL Djillali Annane, head of the intensive care unit of the Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches, in the Paris region.

Regarding vaccination, 52,248,386 people received at least one injection (or 77.5% of the total population) and 51,172,620 people are now fully vaccinated (75.9% of the total population). Since September, 13,766,535 people have received a booster dose.

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