Covid-19: scientists still fear the English variant as much

The effect of the curfew on the circulation of the virus and the rate of penetration of variants will be decisive in the executive’s arbitration concerning a third lockdown.

The executive hesitates and it is not the President of the Scientific Council who can blame him. “We are not close to a week away”, even confessed Jean-François Delfraissy on Tuesday in an interview with Release. Will this delay allow us to know more about the effectiveness of the curfew or the prevalence of the different variants in the territory? We can hope so.

For the moment in any case, the various indicators are slowly deteriorating. Since the start of the school year, the epidemic has started again, with a slow rise in the number of cases. The threshold of 3,000 patients in intensive care was exceeded on Tuesday. For three weeks, the daily number of new hospital admissions has been steadily increasing. The only reason for hope, the effect of the curfew is somewhat felt. The virus’s effective reproduction rate, the R parameter, has even fallen slightly over the past ten days. According to data from Public Health France, it went from 1.2 (on January 8) to 1.1. Concentration

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