Covid-19: Should France Suspend AstraZeneca Vaccine As A Precaution?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Many countries have suspended injections of the vaccine or withdrawn batches from circulation, due to fears of thrombosis.

THE QUESTION – The list goes on. Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and this Friday morning Bulgaria announced temporarily to waive the administration of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine AstraZeneca. Thailand has also just delayed its distribution. At the same time, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg and Austria have withdrawn a lot from the circuits. Fears related to the formation of blood clots, thrombosis, are reported. Is there a proven link between these cases and vaccination? Is there a medical benefit in stopping the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine?

CHECKS – We must measure the weight of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the French strategy. With 44 million doses (or 22 million people who can be vaccinated), the serum from the Anglo-Swedish laboratory was the third largest pre-order in our country at the start of the year, very close to Pfizer (49 million doses, 24.5 million vaccines) and Sanofi-GSK (45 million doses,

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