Covid-19: should you get the AstraZeneca vaccine injected?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Less effective than its RNA competitors, this vaccine is sometimes perceived as a second-rate vaccine. What is it?

THE QUESTION. Significantly less effective than its RNA competitors, causing fairly common adverse effects in young people (although mild) and a priori Less protective against variants, the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford and the firm AstraZeneca, AZD122, is apparently not the best available. However, for the moment, it is the only vaccine that can have access to health and medico-social professionals under the age of 65 and, as of February 25, people aged 50 to 64 with comorbidities (diabetes , heart failure, obesity etc.).

According to Prof. Alain Fischer, emeritus doctor in charge of organizing the vaccination campaign in France, rather known for his caution, “ it is not a second zone vaccine (…), it is a good vaccine », He assured last week on Europe 1. And, in the context of current shortage, he at least has the merit of existing … Is it worth it to be vaccinated?

CHECKS. According to the report of the European Medicines Agency, which analyzed in detail the results of clinical trials conducted by the laboratory, the effectiveness of this vaccine is around 60%. Clearly, if we take two groups of people – one receiving the vaccine, the other a placebo – the one who received the serum will record 60% fewer symptomatic Covid cases. By comparison, messenger RNA vaccines produced by Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna show a rate of effectiveness

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