Covid-19: Strasbourg gives up its Christmas market

No mulled wine or chalet this year. The mayor (EELV) of Strasbourg Jeanne Barseghian announced Thursday, October 22 that the city was giving up its traditional Christmas market in the face of the worsening health situation of the coronavirus, by removing the usual 300 chalets but maintaining entertainment.

“I made the decision to favor the scenario without chalets” while maintaining “Strasbourg capital of Christmas” with the large Christmas tree in Place Kléber, in the heart of the city, “Animations” or some “Artists’ wanderings”, she said at a press conference.

“Strasbourg is not in a bubble”

The “Incidence rate exceeded 300 in Strasbourg” and so “The maximum alert threshold”, argued the mayor of Strasbourg who expects the state to take “More stringent measures (…) in the next few hours or days” for the Alsatian capital.

“Strasbourg is not in a bubble”, she noted while “In the rest of Europe, the restrictions are more and more severe and in particular in Germany”.

At the beginning of October, the Alsatian capital still hoped to maintain its centuries-old Christmas market, at the cost of adaptations to cope with the health crisis.

Normally, the event organized for 450 years and which was canceled only during periods of wars attracts some two million visitors in a month around more than 300 wooden chalets with economic benefits estimated at 250 million d ‘euros.

Before Strasbourg, Paris, Bordeaux as well as the German cities of Cologne or Friborg, had already announced the cancellation of their Christmas markets.


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