Covid-19: strong logistical constraints to deliver vaccines to general practitioners

In addition to logistical constraints, there are scheduling problems and a lack of staff in the cabinets.

The large vaccination operation organized this weekend will have helped to boost the campaign with more than 500,000 people “injected” in three days. Yet there are still as many doses available in refrigerators, waiting to be administered, according to government figures compiled by the independent site VaccinTracker. While the French have been worried for several months about the shortage of vaccines, all the doses delivered were therefore not used. These are mainly AstraZeneca vaccines intended for city doctors.

If the first two deliveries last month targeted hospital pharmacies, the following are indeed aimed at supplying medical offices. Doctors must collect the doses from pharmacists’ pharmacies, which are themselves supplied by wholesale distributors. In total, doctors will have received 1.6 million doses by the end of this week.

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