Covid-19: tensions between EU countries with the distribution of 10 million doses of vaccine

Austria, as well as Slovenia and the Czech Republic have refused to share doses to countries less well off in the fight against Covid-19.

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For solidarity, we will come back. The member countries of the European Union (EU) split on Thursday April 1 over the distribution of ten million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19. Austria, which however demanded more doses, Slovenia and the Czech Republic refused to help five countries in difficulty.

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The compromise proposal prepared by Portugal provided for a pro-rata distribution of the population for 7 million doses and to reserve 3 million additional doses for the five countries in difficulty. 19 countries have agreed to show solidarity with Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia.

The ten million disputed vaccines correspond to a delivery advance accepted by BioNTech-Pfizer in the second quarter. Since the start of the vaccination campaign, the distribution of doses pre-ordered by the EU from laboratories has been done between the 27 Member States in proportion to their population.

If a state decides to give up buying its share, other interested countries can buy them back, said a negotiator. However, some countries have not ordered enough doses, or relied too much on the AstraZeneca vaccine, because of its lower price. Result, some are particularly at the dragged in terms of vaccination.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who claimed a few weeks ago “a correction mechanism” because he considered himself injured in the delivery of doses, he was pleased to have recovered thanks to his intransigence 199,000 doses for his country instead of 139,000.

“Chancellor Kurz showed a lack of solidarity and abandoned Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia and Slovakia, lamented a European diplomat to AFP. He just writes letters and lets down his allies. “

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