Covid-19: the Academy of Medicine recommends making the vaccine mandatory

The National Academy of Medicine estimates Tuesday, May 25 that it is essential to make the vaccine against Covid-19 compulsory for many professions. In addition, she believes that children and adolescents must be vaccinated in order to reach “collective immunity sufficient to control the epidemic”.

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The institution recommends that first “due” immunization for essential professions (teachers, health professions, police and civil service in general, services in the supply of food, water, energy, cash and computer equipment). It considers that this obligation should also apply to “professional activities involving contact with the public” (shops, restaurants, hotels, cultural and sports establishments), “prior to all activities involving travel or gatherings” (international trips, spa treatments, associative events), to students “before the start of the 2021 academic year” and blood donors.

Today, “With an effectiveness rate of 90% to 95% against serious forms of Covid-19, the vaccines currently approved in France meet the conditions which allow the compulsory vaccination”, judge the institution. According to her, “individual measures (barrier gestures) and collective measures (curfew, confinement) are incapable of controlling over time” the Covid-19 epidemic, “formidable, in particular socially.” Gold “the dynamism of the campaign will come up against the obstacle of the hesitant and those opposed to vaccination”, two categories each estimated at 15% of the population.

Making the vaccine compulsory is not on the agenda, responds the government.“Our position has not changed”, a government source told Franceinfo. The question had already been asked last March. At the time, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran sent a letter “to all caregivers in our country” to “strongly encourage them to be vaccinated”, in order to speed up the pace and respond to mistrust. Olivier Véran was already saying “favor dialogue” rather than the compulsory vaccine for caregivers. For the time being, the government therefore does not “not deviate from this rule he has set himself”.

“If in December, adhesion to the vaccine was in the minority, it is now in the majority. We must therefore continue to convince”, insists this close to the Minister of Health.

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