Covid-19: the anger of the 25 million confined Shanghainese

The battle is on in a confined Shanghai, like Wuhan, which was placed in total quarantine two years ago, in January 2020. All medical personnel are mobilized and health troops have arrived from all over the country to participate in a vast campaign of tests to which the 25 million Shanghainese were subjected. In a single day.

→ ANALYSIS. Shanghai confined alternately to overcome the Covid “as quickly as possible”

“We are going to enter the Guinness Book of Records, reacted on encrypted messaging Mao Ming, a young saleswoman from Wuhan who lives in Shanghai. But this is nothing to cheer about, because it shows that the situation is very serious, as it was in the brutally closed Wuhan. »

Shanghai has become the epicenter of the pandemic

The health situation in the Chinese economic capital has continued to deteriorate in recent weeks with the arrival of the Omicron variant and probably the emergence (not yet confirmed) of a variant specific to Shanghai. The huge metropolis, silent and with large avenues deserted for a week, has become the epicenter of a new wave of contamination which is panicking the authorities.

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Nearly 10,000 new cases were recorded on Monday April 4, most of them asymptomatic, but all these people will have to join the isolation centers opened in a hurry to be placed in quarantine.

“This government is so stupid”

“I live in anguish, again entrusts Mao Ming, because if one of my two children, or even both are positive, they will be confined on their own, separated from me… It is inhuman to do that. » A practice assumed by the health authorities but violently criticized on social networks, less controlled in Shanghai.

“This government is so stupid” dares to write on encrypted messaging Xiao Mei, who fled this confinement to return to her neighboring home province of Anhui where she still has to be tested every day. “In 2019, Shanghai was the safest city in China and look at the disaster today! People are starting to understand that our Chinese vaccines don’t protect at all. It is a failure of this regime which governs on political and not health criteria. »

If a majority of Chinese are still convinced of the “zero Covid” strategy applied by Beijing and hammered home daily by the official media, the disjointed “war” waged against the virus in Shanghai is beginning to raise doubts. Especially since many other cities and provinces have been confined for weeks, such as in the north, Jilin and Liaoning.

Nearly 60 million Chinese are now in quarantine. “In some neighborhoods, people have been forcibly confined to their homes for two months, testifies a professor from Hangzhou, the rich capital of Zhejiang. But it’s not like in Europe, confinement in China means being in prison at home, without the right to go out at all. »

“Xi Jinping is in danger today”

“Here in Puxi, in the center, we had time to buy food for a month, testifies a wealthy Shanghainese who offered herself a “golden passport” in Portugal where she has an apartment. But in Pudong, on the other sideof the Huangpu River, people were locked up without notice overnight. They demonstrate in the streets because they have nothing to eat at home. »

Others cannot go for treatment. Well informed by her father, who is a high dignitary of the regime, this resident analyzes the situation in a very political way: “Xi Jinping is in danger today, she assures. He must imperatively settle the question of the Covid, but the situation seems out of control. »

The Hangzhou professor, also very well connected in high circles, confirms that criticism is increasing against the management of the crisis by Xi Jinping, who has made many enemies in nine years in power. Thus, his third term, which was to be confirmed at the Communist Party Congress in November, would not be so guaranteed. “And very often in China, he said, the rumors may turn out to be correct. »


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