Covid-19: the Council of the Order of Physicians files a complaint against Professors Perronne and Raoult

In total, six doctors are the subject of a complaint, some of them because of comments made about the Covid-19 epidemic in the media.

The National Council of the Order of Physicians (Cnom) has decided to give a big sweep before the end of the year. According to an article published Monday afternoon by the Medical News Agency, the Cnom decided on December 10 to file a complaint against six doctors, several of whom have been very present in the media since the start of the Covid epidemic. -19. They are Professors Raoult, Perronne and Joyeux, as well as Doctors Delépine, Zeller and Rezeau-Frantz. Asked by Le Figaro, the Cnom confirmed this information but did not wish to give further details concerning the grievances retained.

Among the doctors targeted, we find the very media director of the Marseille University Hospital Institute, Didier Raoult. The latter is already the subject of a complaint from the Departmental Council of Bouches-du-Rhône, in particular for having promoted hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19, despite the lack of proof of efficiency. He is also accused of having accused Parisian doctors of not having treated the sick or of spreading false information, by claiming for example in May that the epidemic was over.

Another media name, that of Professor Christian Perronne. Already known for several years by the scientific community for its controversial positions on Lyme disease, its many innuendos in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic have not been to the taste of the Order. He said in particular that the general prescription of hydroxychloroquine would have prevented 25,000 deaths in France. He also accused doctors of the Nantes University Hospital of having “left to die (his) brother-in-lawBy refusing to prescribe this treatment.

From warning to permanent cancellation

More recently, in October, he indicated that “a general practitioner who declares a positive Covid test for one of his patients, (…) receives money», Which has been denied many times. On December 17, the Assistance Publique des Hospitals de Paris announced that it had terminated his duties as head of the infectious disease department at Garches hospital, due to comments “Unworthy” held for several months.

Professor Henri Joyeux, retired oncologist now very active on social networks, is already being sued in another case for his position on vaccines. He risks permanent radiation. We do not know for the moment what are the facts with which he is accused in this new complaint.

The hearings are not expected to start until the end of next year, if not later. Complaints will be investigated by a disciplinary chamber, chaired by a magistrate. The Cnom must on this occasion submit a brief to justify its approach. In normal times, the average time to process a complaint by the disciplinary chambers of the Cnom is 10 months.But with the Covid-19, the hearings have taken a considerable delay.

The penalties incurred by these doctors range from a simple warning to permanent radiation.

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