Covid-19: the curfew, a means of “limiting the circulation of the virus”, estimates a doctor

The measures taken by the government aim in particular to break our social interactions. “I think we have to wait a little bit to see the effects. But from our experience, the coronavirus circulates in festive gatherings and family reunions, so by preventing them in the evening, we will limit the circulation of the virus. The explosion of figures will not stop in the coming days (…) we will have to wait at least 15 days to see if the measures taken will take effect “, explains Dr Richard Handschuh on franceinfo on Thursday 22 October.

A curfew has been introduced while we are on school holidays and family reunions are numerous … “The virus entered the family unit by one of the members. From the moment it is there, and when it has spread, what I ask is for the elderly to limit interactions with others members of the family with whom they have not been socialized until then. If the small children go to the grandparents, during the first five days, they must stay away from each other. not to have common social activities “, highlights Richard Handschuh.

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