Covid-19: the end of wearing masks for people vaccinated in the United States is “normal practice”, says virologist



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Jean-Michel Claverie, professor of medicine and virologist, was the guest of the franceinfo channel.

United States President Joe Biden announced Thursday, May 13, that Americans who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask, either outdoors or indoors. “I find that very good. It is normal practice in principle”, reacted on Friday Jean-Michel Claverie, professor of medicine and virologist, on franceinfo.

“When we ask people to take risks with vaccination, we know that we have to reward them. We can reward them by paying them, but we know that it gives a perception of the risk, in general, a little greater. On the other hand, we can reward them in kind, by giving them privileges that the unvaccinated do not have “, he developed.

Asked about the possibility of transmitting Covid-19 despite vaccination, Jean-Michel Claverie estimated that “even if people pass the Covid on to someone else, they will give it to people who are under 50 and who will develop a mild form of the disease, and so we are going to achieve a kind of ‘collective immunity’.

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