Covid-19: “The epidemic situation continues to improve sharply throughout the country”, rejoices Olivier Véran

He takes out the champagne but does not uncork it yet. The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, affirmed, Sunday, June 6, on BFMTV, that, “Overall, the epidemic situation continues to improve strongly across the country”, with “a 20-25% drop in virus circulation each week”. “The gradual deconfinement has not broken this virtuous dynamic of reducing the epidemic”, he congratulated himself.

However, the minister mentions his “vigilance” on two levels. He deplores “a reflex, which it is absolutely necessary to leave, of certain French people, who, hardly received a first injection of vaccine, relax their efforts”.

“In the hospital wards, we have a certain number of patients who were first vaccinated and who believed themselves too early to be immune.”

Olivier Véran, Minister of Health


“You are protected when you are a few days after the second injection, he recalls. The level of protection conferred by a single injection, especially just a few days after, is far too low to change anything in your daily life. “

His “second level of vigilance” concerns the delta variant, first identified in India. “We do not record any community dissemination of this variant, there is no extension of the epidemic, he reassures. On the other hand, there are clusters, and in particular in the Landes. ”

According to Olivier Véran, the “battle” will be “won” when the number of patients in intensive care “will drop below 2,000 cases” (compared to 2,525 on June 5). The “war”, it will not be finished before the fall. If no new wave appears at this time, “we can say that the Covid is a thing of the past”.

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