Covid-19: the National Assembly paves the way for a “health pass”

The National Assembly validated the creation of a “Health pass” for access to major events, despite severe criticism from oppositions, Monday, May 10 during the examination of the bill to end the health crisis.

This flagship measure of the text introduced by the government in the law committee was the subject of a barrage of oppositions with the key to long discussions and many rejected amendments, including modem centrists.

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The tool, initially reserved for travel to or from abroad, will make access to large gatherings or certain places subject to the presentation of a negative result of virological screening, or proof of vaccination or a proof of recovery from contamination.

“It is the condition of freedom”

“We are told that it is a bill to manage the exit from this health crisis and we are given the most coercive measure of control since the start of the Covid crisis, tackled Eric Coquerel (LFI). You open Pandora’s box ”. Communist Pierre Dharréville denounced a “Dangerous philosophy of social control”.

“It is the condition of freedom”, retorted the LREM deputy, Roland Lescure. “The health pass should allow us to reopen establishments open to the public, festivals and meeting places. If we didn’t have the health pass, we would have to wait a lot longer ”, warned the Secretary of State in charge of digital Cédric O, adding: “The health pass does not guarantee that there is no risk, it reduces the risks”.

“The device is surrounded by sufficient warranty because it will not apply to daily activities”, repeated the LREM reporter Jean-Pierre Pont. The text must be submitted to the Senate on May 18.


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