Covid-19: the new recommendations of the citizen collective on vaccination

The members of the collective call in particular to increase the number of places for vaccination and to improve vaccination communication, which they consider “too anxiety-provoking”.

They are “at the heart of the news“. While the vaccination campaign is in the acceleration phase, the Cese, mandated by the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, to formulate recommendations on the opening of vaccination to the general public, continues its work. The temporary committee and the citizens’ collective engaged on Monday at a new stage.

I think we come at the right time. There was a shortage of doses but things are speeding up and we are there on time», Considers Marjorie, a citizen from Drôme. In two months, the 30 citizens of the collective have established eight poles of reflection. “These are the elements which seemed to us the most essential to propose. They are urgent to put in place», Underlines Marjorie. The citizens thus plead for “better communication between actors in the field“, By authorizing in particular”all health professionals“To be vaccinated”in complete autonomy“. They also call for increasing the number of vaccination sites and mobile units, as well as for setting up an awareness campaign aimed at “precarious public by mobilizing specialized associations“. The question of treatments is also judged “as important as that of vaccination“.

Above all, it is on vaccine communication that the members of the collective want to advance. They alarm on “communication that is too anxiety-provoking“And advocate”positive communication adapted to each category of the population“.

“Young ambassadors”

With the main target: young people. “We would like there to be young ambassadors who formulate their own proposals to be circulated on social networks. Young people are a vital part of immunization too far removed from current government spots», Regrets Marjorie.

These proposals are transmitted to the Prime Minister by the Cese “along the water“. Present at this stage, Prof. Alain Fischer, chairman of the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council placed with the Minister of Health, also guaranteed to have relied on these recommendations to formulate his own advice to the government. “We don’t feel like we’re working in a vacuum», Thus attests Marjorie. “We really hope to be heard. Even if the government does not quote us, we recognize our proposals in some announcementsShe continues.

While a transitional period of change of mandate begins at the Cese, the citizen collective will work exclusively with Prof. Fischer for a month. After unveiling the most essential orientations in their eyes, citizens will look at their 40 other proposals at a new session in early April. “We will detail them as much as possible so that, once transmitted to the government, they can be applied directly in the field.», Comments Marjorie.

In the meantime, Professor Fischer has already mandated the citizens of a new line of thought. The latter will wear “on the population’s confidence in vaccination, and in particular on crisis management communication“.


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