Covid-19: the new restrictions must be “clearly explained”, asks the Scientific Council

The Scientific Council asks the authorities to demonstrate pedagogy by explaining “clearly” the new measures of the state of health emergency, which must be extended until February, in order to “facilitate” the support of the population, according to a published notice Wednesday October 21.

In this opinion, sent to the government on Monday, the Scientific Council also said “favorable” the extension of the state of health emergency until February 16, 2021, “taking into account the provisional and proportional nature of these provisions”.

“Several elements suggest that the winter months will be difficult”, warns the instance, emphasizing three points: “a tense epidemiological situation in mid-October with 30,000 cases / day and a rate of resuscitation by Covid patients of 37% nationwide”, traffic facilitated by the season, and “the low proportion” of immune French population.

The Scientific Council, chaired by Jean-François Delfraissy, adds that“it is fundamental, during this period, to optimize the various tools as much as possible” screening, contact tracing and isolation of people infected with the coronavirus, to “to carry out the strategy as well as possible” to fight the epidemic.

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