Covid-19: the number of patients in intensive care stabilizes in France

The number of patients with Covid-19 in intensive care stabilized slightly below 4,900, according to figures published by Public Health France on Friday, November 13.

According to health authorities, France has 4,887 of these patients in serious condition, against 4,884 the day before. In the past 24 hours, 473 people have entered intensive care, and almost as many have therefore left. The capacity is 7,700 intensive care and intensive care beds, with the possibility of increasing up to 10,400 beds.

Since Thursday, 467 people have died in hospital, bringing the number of Covid-19 victims to 43,892, according to these figures.

The number of people hospitalized is also roughly stable, at 32,676, against 32,654 the day before. Over the past 24 hours, hospitals have received 2,841 new patients (and again, almost as many have left the hospital).

The number of hospitalizations this week exceeded the peak reached in the first wave in the spring, which was 32,292 patients on April 14.

The number of confirmed cases has finally increased by 23,794 since Thursday.

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