Covid-19: the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened four judicial information on the management of the crisis in France

Five months after opening a vast preliminary investigation, the Public Health department of the Paris prosecutor’s office decided to transmit its investigations to investigating judges. Four judicial inquiries have been opened on the criticized management of the Covid-19 crisis in France, the Paris prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday, November 10 in a press release.

These four legal cases were opened against X for “voluntary abstention from fighting a disaster”, “endangering the life of others” and “homicides and involuntary injuries”.

These procedures bring together 253 of the 328 complaints involving decision-makers and national public structures to which the Paris prosecutor’s office has been addressed since March 24, 2020.“, specifies the public prosecutor Rémy Heitz in a press release.

The investigations carried out mainly by the Central Office for the Fight against Attacks on the Environment and Public Health (OCLAESP) made it possible, in particular through the hearing of the main complainants, to distinguish four aspects relating respectively to facts that would have been committed to the detriment of the general population (240 complaints), health personnel (5 complaints), state civil servants (4 complaints) and sick or dead people (4 complaints)“Says the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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