Covid-19: the Scientific Council gives its recommendations for the end-of-year celebrations

The recommendations of the Scientific Council for the end-of-year celebrations in the face of Covid-19 were published on Monday by the Ministry of Health. The body recommends in particular theimitate the number of guests, ventilate the rooms or practice a self-test.

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AT the approach of the end of year holidays, the Scientific Council details, in an opinion dated December 8 and published by the Ministry of Health on Monday December 13, a series of measures to be applied in the private sphere in the face of the epidemic of Covid-19.

For the “Christmas-type family reunions”, the Scientific Council recommends in particular to “limit the number of participants, ensure that frail people have received their booster dose, ventilate the premises regularly and perform a self-test the same day, or an antigen test the day before or the same day. ‘event”.

Health authorities expect a “increase in hospital admissions of patients”, related to the fifth wave caused by the Delta variant. A peak in admissions greater than 2,000 per day is expected, a level close to that observed during the second wave in fall 2020. AT this is in addition to the emergence of the Omicron variant, which “spreads extremely quickly”.

Faced with this “double threat”, the Scientific Council advises to reduce your contacts and not to go out if you are symptomatic. It also recommends “immediately renounce all collective gatherings in closed places where wearing a mask is not possible or appropriate to the format, in particular all gatherings with consumption of food and drink.”

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