Covid-19: the second injection is possible from his vacation spot

This summer, the French will be able to receive the two doses of the vaccine in different places, said the government, which will deliver more doses to tourist areas.

Will there be “a summer vacation effect on the vaccination campaign“? This is what seems to fear the executive, which has taken the initiative to keep the race against the clock of collective immunity. His method: to facilitate access to two doses as much as possible for the French. “This summer, the vaccine is coming to you“, Declared Friday Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the government, traveling to a seaside resort in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Thus, at the dawn of the summer vacation, it will no longer be necessary to receive both injections in the same vaccination center. From Monday, July 5, candidates for vaccination will be able to make an appointment “including in holiday areas“Where they would be brought to go, said for his part the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

To guarantee any incident or shortage of doses, the executive announced the sending of additional doses to tourist areas. “We have given all the guarantees to make it easy to get vaccinated, so that this summer the vaccine comes to you», Assured Gabriel Attal to BFMTV. “You can both go to the beach and get vaccinated“, He congratulated himself.

Locally too, more and more vaccination centers and vaccinodromes are trying to facilitate access to the vaccine. In Isère, in the Landes or in the Gard, some have chosen to remove the appointment setting, according to France Bleu.

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We will not force the French to be vaccinated

To avoid a resurgence of hospital pressure within a few weeks, fueled by the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, the health authorities have repeatedly raised the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination for nursing staff in recent days. A measure that would extend to the French? The minister ruled out this possibility: “While the issue is addressed for caregivers, it is not for the general population», He certified.

We will not force the French to be vaccinated, vaccination does not have to be compulsory in the general population», Reiterated the minister. A tone more conciliatory than that adopted by the head of government, who launched a consultation with elected officials on the “use of the health pass“, for “get even more people to get vaccinated“.

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