Covid-19: the start of the school year risks promoting contamination

DECRYPTION – The return of children to school could cause contamination to rise again, while all the indicators remain very high.

The fragile balance of the epidemic that France is experiencing at the moment could be undermined in the coming days. “The return to school in September with the return from holidays and schools will bring a lot of changes and risk modifying the epidemic trajectory”, judge Vittoria Colizza, research director at Inserm and specialist in modeling infectious diseases. With 2 million adolescents and 9 million unvaccinated children returning to class, to which will be added some 6 million adults, also unvaccinated, returning to businesses, the start of the 2021 school year could promote an epidemic recovery. , like the start of the 2020 school year. What is at stake is whether we will be able to cope with this upturn in viral circulation?

After a summer that saw record levels of incidence, but an impact on the healthcare system far less than previous waves, the face of the epidemic has already changed. The departments of southern France should

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