Covid-19: the uncertainties of the French vaccination strategy

The town hall’s health assistant, Anne Souyris, announced Friday, November 20 that the city was ready to vaccinate “30 to 40%“of the Parisian population against the Covid-19 from January 2021“. For its part, the government has already pre-reserved millions of doses. So, from the green light given by the European Medicines Agency, how to distribute these millions of vaccines, and above all, how to keep them? It all depends on the supplier.

During his speech, Tuesday, November 25, Emmanuel Macron should discuss vaccination. “We can see that everywhere the timetable is accelerating and France is preparing. The government explains that it is working on several scenarios, without revealing its roadmap for the moment. In the entourage of the president, it is affirmed that it is important to be ready, clear and transparent “, specifies the journalist of France Televisions, Anne Bourse, live from the Élysée, in Paris. For now, however, French mistrust of vaccination remains high.

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