Covid-19: the United States authorizes the injection of a different vaccine for the booster dose

The US drug agency on Wednesday authorized the use of a different COVID vaccine for the booster dose than the one used initially for immunization.

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The United States says yes to “mix”. In a press release (in English) published Wednesday, October 20, the US Medicines Agency announced that it was authorizing the use of a different anti-Covid vaccine for the booster dose than that initially used for immunization.

This news is likely to be of particular interest to the more than 15 million Americans who have received the single-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. An American study published last week suggested that people who received the “J&J” vaccine might benefit from receiving a booster dose of a different vaccine, with messenger RNA, in order to benefit from an even greater increase. of their antibody levels.

In its press release, the FDA also authorized the Johnson & Johnson vaccine recalls for all people aged 18 and over, and Moderna for certain categories of the population at risk, including the elderly. In detail, all people 18 years and over who received a dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least two months ago will now be able to receive an additional dose, either of “J&J”, or of Moderna or Pfizer.

For the population vaccinated with Moderna at least six months ago, three categories of people may receive a booster: all those over 65 years of age; those between 18 and 64 years of age have a “high risk” to develop a severe form of the disease; as well as those whose work or situation involves exposure “frequent” to the virus. The same definitions were adopted for the Pfizer recall. The last category includes supermarket workers, health workers, prisoners and people in shelters for the homeless.

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