Covid-19: the United States fears a possible “Thanksgiving effect”

The millions of Americans who have gathered as families could exacerbate an already deadly epidemic.

Washington correspondent

Twelve bears after the big Thanksgiving family celebration, US health authorities expect massive increase in Covid-19 cases. The spread of the epidemic, which has already accelerated in recent weeks across the United States, could peak further after the displacement of millions of people across the country. Thanksgiving, a typical holiday in the United States, celebrated on the last Thursday in November, is even more than Christmas a time of family reunion.

Health agencies had advised Americans to forgo this traditional meal this year so as not to promote the spread of the epidemic. The Dr Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, had warned against these family reunions, bringing together several generations, and in particular the elderly and vulnerable. “All it takes is one asymptomatic infected person, and all of a sudden four or five

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