Covid-19: the Vaccine Strategy Advisory Council rejects the idea of ​​generalizing the fourth dose

According to the opinion issued on Wednesday, the benefit of a fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 has not been proven.

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The Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council rejected the idea of ​​​​a generalization of the fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19, in an opinion delivered on January 19 to the Minister of Health and published on Wednesday January 26. For the moment, according to this opinion, the benefit of this fourth dose has not been proven and putting it in place could even constitute a bad signal, suggesting that the third dose is no longer enough.

The Council of orientation of the vaccine strategy recognizes however that the question of the generalization of this fourth dose is legitimate. But he considers at the same time that there is no reason, in the current situation, to go through this because if the vaccine protects less and less well from infection over time, nothing proves that we are less well protected against serious forms.

The Council’s point of view may change, specifies the opinion, if new studies lead to believe that the fourth dose is necessary or if the number of elderly people hospitalized increases significantly in the days and weeks to come.

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