Covid-19: these three variants that frighten the world

DECRYPTION – After the discovery of a strain carrying many mutations in England, made responsible for the explosion of the epidemic, scientists are worried about the emergence of South African and Brazilian lines.

Since the start of the epidemic, the Covid-19 virus has continued to accumulate mutations giving rise to a very large number of different variants. Since most had more or less the same characteristics, the general public was not too familiar with these subtleties. But that changed with the discovery in England in mid-December of a much more contagious variant. The researchers then suspect a particular mutation among the twenty that distinguishes him, N501Y, to be at the origin of this increased contagiousness.

Four days later, another suspect variant is discovered in South Africa: if it does not have the same combination of mutations at all, it also carries this N501Y mutation. Shortly afterwards, it was discovered that he was carrying a second E484K, which was also worrying, because it seemed to allow him to escape, at least in part, the most effective antibodies produced by the cured patients.

Last week, it was a third variant, detected in Brazil this time, which made

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