Covid-19: those who wait to be vaccinated “make a mistake”, according to Alain Fischer

“By being vaccinated today, we are protected for the re-entry”, argued the “Mr. Vaccine” of the government in the “Journal du dimanche”.

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Do not delay getting vaccinated against Covid-19. This is what hammered, in substance, Alain Fischer, the “Mr. Vaccin” of the government, in the Sunday newspaper (subscribers article) dated July 4. Those who are waiting “make a mistake”, declared the president of the Council of orientation of the vaccine strategy while the campaign slows down in France.

Asked about these people aged 18 to 45 who are patient, Alain Fischer insists: “By vaccinating today, we are protected for the start of the school year.” “Everything is played out in the next fortnight” to avoid, according to him, “a fourth wave linked to the Delta variant, to the resumption of contacts, to the start of the school year, to the climate more favorable to the virus”.

For Alain Fischer, “The battle will be more difficult for 18-40 year olds: projections estimate that they will be vaccinated at 60-70% in the end (45% today). The projected rates are insufficient to control the virus and achieve immunity of group”. Indeed, to achieve this group immunity, it is necessary to vaccinate at least 75% of the entire French population. Lack of sufficient vaccination coverage, “There will remain infections, hospitalizations, resuscitation and deaths. With potentially consequences in terms of restrictions: school closures, re-containment”, warned Alain Fischer.

The “Mr. Vaccine” said he was in favor of compulsory vaccination for caregivers and nursing home staff. “For these professionals, we have reached this point of last resort. Less than 60% coverage in nursing homes, 64% in hospitals, this is clearly insufficient”, did he declare. And to add: “Some are still waiting or thinking. They must do it for themselves but also to protect patients. It is a principle of responsibility and setting an example.”

>> Vaccination obligation for caregivers: how the government’s position has evolved over the months

The government is preparing a bill to make vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory for caregivers. The executive has for a few days put on the table such an obligation for the staff of nursing homes and hospitals, especially in the event that the target of 80% of vaccinated would not be reached. “by September”.

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