Covid-19: travelers from Morocco and Algeria on the red list established by France

Unvaccinated people arriving from Morocco and Algeria must provide proof of a compelling reason, have a negative test and self-isolate 10 days upon arrival in France.

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The measures are being reinforced. Unvaccinated travelers from Morocco and Algeria will have to justify a compelling reason, present a negative test and self-isolate 10 days on their arrival in France after the placement of these two countries on the red list of the circulation of Covid-19. The details of the rules can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

The decree of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health was published in the Official Journal on Thursday, August 19 and will come into force on Saturday. The declaration of a compelling reason should be supported by a supporting document, and the negative PCR or antigen test should be less than 48 hours old. Vaccinated arrivals will have to prove their vaccination status.

Morocco is facing a new outbreak of the disease which has prompted the authorities to expand night curfew measures and restrict some movement, while Algeria is also facing a wave of contaminations. France classifies the countries of arrival into three categories according to the seriousness of the health situation, matching the arrivals with more or less restrictive measures. The countries in the red list are those where the circulation of the virus is considered to be very active.

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