Covid-19: until when should we wear the mask indoors?

DECRYPTION – The United States and Israel no longer impose the mask in closed public places. In France, this decision is probably not for now.

Americans vaccinated against Covid-19 have been able to remove the mask in closed public places for more than a month, except in transport, airports or train stations. And because it’s impossible to tell if the person shopping without their mask has received both of their injections, some brands like Walmart no longer require the mask at all in their stores, unless local law says otherwise. Since Tuesday, Israelis (more than 55% of whom have received two doses of vaccines) can also say goodbye to masks indoors. When will the turn of France?

As we now know, it is especially in closed places that clusters are formed. As Benoît Semin, CNRS researcher at the Physics and Mechanics of Heterogeneous Environments laboratory in Paris, recalled during an ANRS | Infectious Diseases press point on Thursday, “when we speak, we emit drops that fall after a meter but also invisible droplets that remain in suspension

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