Covid-19: vaccinated or not, parents of sick children will be similarly compensated

The paradox was stinging. In the event of contamination of their children with the coronavirus, employees without a complete vaccination schedule could declare themselves on sick leave for a week and benefit from a daily allowance equivalent, under certain conditions, to 90% of the gross salary.

However, this possibility was no longer open to fully vaccinated employees, because they were no longer considered by Health Insurance as “ contact case “. The latter therefore had to turn to their employer and obtain to be placed in partial activity (compensated at 70% of the gross), or to benefit from sick child leave, or to telework if their functions allowed it.


This difference in treatment ended on Friday September 3. ” From today, the parent of a child declared Covid + will be able to benefit from exceptional daily allowances, without waiting period, with an employer supplement, and whether or not he is vaccinated. This compensation is open to only one of the two parents of the household, when he cannot telework. », Announced the Ministry of Labor.

Initially, the health insurance contact tracing platform will directly contact the parents concerned to issue them a work stoppage and daily allowances. Then, within a month, the parents concerned will be able to benefit from daily allowances by declaring their work stoppage directly on the teleservice ”, adds the ministry.


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