Covid-19 vaccination campaign: nursing homes are preparing for the marathon

About twenty nursing homes will launch vaccinations from Monday. Several hundred will follow next week. In anticipation of D-Day, logistics are important for the healthcare teams.

A simple bite, of course, but one that cannot be improvised. Scheduled for Monday, December 28, the launch of the vaccine campaign against Covid-19 in France, already inaugurated by two establishments on Sunday, requires real logistics. The 23 establishments which, according to the Ministry of Health, will begin vaccination this week, are already on the bridge. “In the middle of a slack period with the end of year celebrations, nursing homes had to strengthen their teams, explains to Figaro Florence Arnaiz-Maumé, general delegate of Synerpa, the National Union of establishments and private residences for the elderly. And this in a completely voluntary way concerning the private nursing homes, which themselves applied“.

An “educational work”

It has been several days since the “pre-campaign” began. “Less than the administration of the vaccine, it is especially the surrounding protocol that requires organization», Explains Florence Arnaiz-Maumé. The teams must first obtain the consent of their residents, an essential prerequisite while the authorities have insisted on the voluntary nature of the vaccine. “Our political choice is to base the campaign on doctors and caregivers. This is the key to confidence and efficiency», Declared Olivier Véran in the JDD . Sunday, Emmanuel Macron also reaffirmed the non-mandatory nature of the vaccine. “In fact, the teams started the educational work long before», Specifies the general delegate. “Little by little, the elderly had to be made aware of the idea of ​​vaccination“. At present, the teams have reportedly collected between “50% to 60%Of volunteers, according to Synerpa.

Once approval is received, a pre-vaccination consultation is also required. In addition to health analyzes to detect possible contraindications, the patient is explained by the medical teams the benefits and risks of the vaccine.

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Logistical difficulties

Arrived in France on Saturday, the some 19,500 doses of Pfizer-BiovaNTech vaccine are being sent to the Lyon region, around Tours as well as in the North, where the twenty or so nursing homes who will vaccinate this week are located. In the different regions, the calendar is still waiting to be fixed by the Regional Health Agencies.

It’s complex logistics, explains the general delegate of Synerpa. Especially since the Pfizer vaccine must be stored at -80 ° C and used within 5 days of thawing, while the administration of the vaccine itself may take two to three days.“. Once the injection is done, monitoring is put in place to watch for any side effects, until the second injection, 21 days later. “This should take us at least until the end of February», She estimates, while nearly a million people are concerned by this first phase of vaccination.


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