Covid-19 vaccine: Johnson & Johnson’s single dose vaccine effective in early human trials

Covid-19 vaccine: The initial human trials of Johnson & Johnson’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine have resulted. Immune response to single doses of the vaccine has been observed in almost all volunteers in human trials, while the side-effects have been negligible. The company is expected to release the final and final phase test results by the end of this month. After that, an application will be made to the American Food and Drug Administration for approval.

Johnson & Johnson’s single dose vaccine works

The researchers conducted the first and second phase of human trials simultaneously. His purpose was to find out if the vaccine was safe. They reported that one or two doses of the vaccine produced both T-cell responses and antibodies against the corona virus in Volunteer. The purpose of the tests was not to test to what extent the vaccine would protect people against the symptoms or infection of the corona virus, but rather to work on the ongoing Phase III human trial.

Results positive in early stages of human testing

The results of initial human trials of the vaccine have been released in the New England Journal of Medicine. The international team of researchers said that the initial human trials of the vaccine were done on about 800 volunteers. Initial human testing proved the vaccine to be safe and should potentially be helpful in disease prevention. The testing team consisted of experts from the Netherlands, the US and Belgium.

He formed two groups of Volunteers. One group included people aged 18-55 while the other group included people above 65 years of age. Testing showed that people who were given the vaccine had antibodies that neutralized the virus. Researchers reported that antibodies were formed on the 29th day after the first dose of the vaccine in 90 percent of Volantier, while two months after the first dose in all of the volunteers, antibodies levels were found to be at least 71 days.

The FDA has approved the emergency use of two vaccines of Kovid-19. One is made by Pfizer with its partner BioNotech, while the other is manufactured by Moderna. In Phase III human trials of both vaccines, it was claimed to be about 95 percent safe. Both companies have used RNA or mRNA, a new technique of vaccine. In contrast, Johnson & Johnson has adopted a different approach to its vaccine.

He used a weak version of Adenovirus 26, a virus that causes colds, for his vaccine, which goes into the body and stimulates human cells to form pieces of the virus that the immune system recognizes. The company has said in a statement that the data for the third phase of human trials can be released in late January.

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