Covid-19 vaccine: Moderna vaccine can provide people with Kovid-19 for three months Safety- Research

Covid-19 vaccine: American company Moderna’s vaccine can protect people from Kovid-19 disease for at least 3 months. The research has been revealed in the report published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine.

Moderna’s Kovid-19 vaccine can provide protection for three months

According to the report, researchers from the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) investigated the immune response to the vaccine in 34 adults. All people were given 2 doses of the vaccine in the first stage human trial of mRNA-1273. The report said that the level of anti-bodies in people was investigated for the second time 90 days after the vaccine dose (119 days after the first dose).

Researchers reported that antibodies that made the virus inactive in the blood were still present after 3 months, and this indicated that the body had some degree of protection against Kovid-19 even after so many months. However, this does not mean that the vaccine will not protect against disease after 90 days.

However, he said that there is a need to do research in this regard on a larger scale. Which can prove how long the immune response against Kovid-19 can remain intact. Research has revealed that a certain type of T-cell develops from the vaccine. Which shows that long-term security can be achieved to some extent.

Researchers said that these immune cells were revealed 43 days after the first vaccine. “The data from the first phase of human testing of the vaccine showed that our vaccine became virus-neutralizing antibodies in people of all ages,” said Talla Jacques, Chief Medical Officer of Moderna. He told that there is more hope from the data that it will be more effective in providing protection from Kovid-19.

Let us tell you that the Moderna company first started human trials of its vaccine in March and informed the preliminary results of the final phase in early November. It said that his vaccine is 95 percent effective in providing protection against Kovid-19. It was also told that none of the people on whom the vaccine was tested had any symptoms of the disease.

After the final result, the company has also submitted applications and data in the US and Europe for approval of the emergency use of the vaccine. Moderna’s vaccine uses mRNA technology like Pfizer and the German company BioNotech. For this, help was obtained from the genetic code of the virus.

Volunteer claims no side-effects from vaccine

In the final phase trial of the vaccine, 30,000 volunteers were included. Of them, 196 people were confirmed to have Kovid-19 infection, 30 people were seriously ill while one died. But none of them had been vaccinated by Moderna, rather they were part of the placebo group.

The company says that there were no side-effects of the vaccine. Common symptoms such as swelling, headache and fatigue were found only at the site of injection. Moderna said that the data is not fully revealed yet. The Food and Drug Administration will meet on December 17 to approve the use of Moderna’s vaccine in the US.

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