Covid-19: vaccines seem to very effectively limit the transmission of the virus

Two British studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine.

If they protect us from severe forms of the disease, do anti-Covid vaccines completely block the transmission of the virus? The first studies on the question are rather encouraging. Two of these were carried out in the UK, where more than 20 million people have already received a first dose. Looking at the results of thousands of tests performed each week on caregivers in Cambridge, researchers found that 0.8% of tests on unvaccinated people were positive, compared with 0.2% in those who received a first dose of the vaccine. Pfizer more than twelve days before. Or a fourfold risk of infection, even asymptomatic.

“Excellent news”, says Mike Weekes, one of the authors of this preprint study. The Siren study, also conducted on British caregivers, comes to fairly similar conclusions: one dose of Pfizer vaccine reduces the risk of infection by 72% after three weeks, while two doses lower it.

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