Covid-19: what is a “Trod”, which can avoid a second dose of vaccine?

FOCUS – These rapid serological tests, the results of which arrive in 15 minutes, will be set up in the vaccination centers during the month of June.

It will soon be possible to know if one has contracted Covid-19 in the past just before being vaccinated. This was announced by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, on TF1’s television news on Wednesday, June 2. At a press conference on Thursday, the president of the High Authority for Health (HAS), Dominique Le Guludec, detailed the recommendations of the body on rapid serological tests, also called “Trod“.

  • How do the “Trod “?

In order to know if a person has contracted the Covid-19 virus in the past, it is necessary to test their blood for antibodies. In addition to the blood test, it is possible to do a serological test called “fast», The result of which usually occurs after 15 minutes.

All you have to do is prick your fingertip to collect a drop of blood, then place it on a strip that contains an antigen that recognizes the presence of antibodies against Covid-19. The latter will determine whether the subject has already caught the virus or not.

  • What is the purpose of these tests?

The quick result of this test is a real advantage. It can be done just before the first injection at the vaccination center. Indeed, when one is vaccinated, the health personnel ask the patient to wait 15 minutes on the spot after the injection of the dose. So if the person is tested just before their first injection, it will be possible to determine, during this time, whether a second dose will be necessary for them to acquire immunity. If the result is positive, the appointment for the second injection will therefore be canceled.

Last February, the health authority said that scientific data allowed to say that a dose was sufficient if the patient had been infected, even without symptoms. However, many people have contracted the virus asymptomatically, without knowing it: “According to data published by the Institut Pasteur, the proportion of people infected in metropolitan France is thus estimated at 22.7%, this proportion reaching 40.4% in Île-de-France, while the cases identified by PCR test or antigen represent only 8% of the population“, Then recalled the HAS yesterday. These tests will therefore make it possible to save vaccine doses, with the aim of immunizing the French population more quickly.

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  • Free and non-compulsory

These tests are not new. On July 11, by decree, they had been authorized to be used outside the laboratory of medical biology. Doctors and community pharmacists were authorized to carry them out. However, these were generally the responsibility of the customer, except in specific cases. During her press conference yesterday, the president of the HAS reassured: “We obviously recommend that this pre-vaccine “Trod” be free.“.

Moreover, they are “not compulsory“, And are proposed”no age limit, including the youngest now eligible», Continued Dominique Le Guludec. Children, whose vaccination is authorized from June 15, will also be able to benefit from it.

  • When will they be available?

As Olivier Véran announced, the centers should be equipped in June: “To simplify the process for the French who do not know if they have had the Covid, during the month of June, we will equip the centers with rapid serological tests”.

For her part, the president of the HAS recommends testing these tests first in a few vaccination centers before extending them, in order to see if this provision does not disrupt the organization of the campaign, “before any large-scale deployment“.

Currently, almost 40% of French people have received a first dose, or more than 26 million people out of 67 million. Almost 13 million are fully vaccinated.


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