Covid 19: What is the role of CT value in corona virus test, how is the address of the covid patient?

The second wave of Kovid epidemic is more terrible than before, which is proving very difficult to stop. At the same time, in order to detect the Kovid patients in time, all the governments are conducting Kovid tests from place to place. Whether or not a person suffers from corona virus is determined through RT PCR test. Through this test, it is known that what is the CT value of a person. CT value has been considered a very important role in Kovid’s investigation. Through this, it is confirmed whether a person suffers from Kovid or not.

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Scientifically, a CT value gives the number of viruses in a sample. In diagnostic terms, a CTV report always gives a CT value, which gives the suspected patient information about whether he is infected with Kovid and what percentage he is if he has symptoms of Kovid. The CT value in the RT PCR test shows the viral load in the patient. Which suggests that the patient should be considered infected with corona virus or not when the CT value is low in RT PCR test, it means that the patient’s condition is more serious. However, if the CT value of a patient is 35, then it is not considered infected with Kovid. According to the information, this count is determined when samples are taken from the patient. RNA is then extracted from it, which is then treated with the reverse transcript enzyme. At the same time, according to the guidelines of the ICMR, the positiveness of the virus can be detected immediately after the RT PCR test if the infection is detected in the sample.

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The CT value also helps in determining the viral load present in your body. According to ICMR, the cut-off given for CT value is 35-40 percent globally. Therefore, if the CT value of a person is less than 35, then he will be known as a Kovid patient.

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