Covid-19: what vaccination do we want?

TRIBUNE – The Fakemed Collective, which brings together caregivers campaigning for evidence-based medicine, is not satisfied with the non-publication of data from clinical trials on anti-Covid vaccines.

Our country seems to come out of its second confinement somehow. The imminent arrival of anti-Covid 19 vaccines as a means of prevention has led the public authorities to modify health policies. But already, words of mistrust are being heard. But trust is not given, it is earned.

The Fakemed Collective, an activist for care based on current scientific data, calls for the most complete transparency possible on vaccines against Covid-19.

“We unreservedly support the principle of vaccination (…) But a principle is nothing in itself: it must be based on accurate data, a robust bibliography, solid expertise. ”

We unreservedly support the principle of vaccination, because its benefit-risk ratio is, in the vast majority of vaccines, positive both individually and collectively. But a principle is nothing in itself: it must be based on correct data, on a robust bibliography, on solid expertise.

As things stand and in the light of our knowledge, the precautionary principle in this area cannot be a pretext to justify opposition to vaccination. The prospect of an effective vaccine is promising and gives hope for a return to normality in the months to come, and could allow us to avoid future lockdowns if vaccination coverage can be obtained.

An expected vaccine, a tense climate

France has unfortunately been able to prove in recent years that it could be a country with strong vaccine mistrust, maintained by growing disinformation, as well as a media and political treatment at best clumsy, at worst populist and anti-vaccine. However, the true effectiveness of vaccines is not that advanced by laboratories, but that of the common use of the entire population to this prevention tool.

With our eyes fixed on this objective, we demand that health disinformation be combated, so that it does not impact public health strategies.

“We expect pharmaceutical companies to make available the data collected and studied during the three phases of testing all the different vaccines. ”

On the other hand, we expect the government to demonstrate exemplary and educational behavior, which is based on data and all knowledge.

We expect pharmaceutical companies to make the data collected and studied during the three phases of testing of all the different vaccines available.

We are awaiting the dissemination of sourced, rigorous and responsible information, including the publication of the results of stage 3 clinical trials.

We expect doctors and all health professionals to promote public health policies, in the interest of all.

Finally, we await the involvement of the general public and their representatives in the implementation of health policies.

We strongly reaffirm our support for the scientific approach, respect for safety procedures, and the rigor required by research. Vaccination can allow us to face the health crisis that we are going through, but a public health policy is not carried out in haste, dilettante, proclaiming personal truths without the necessary caution. We are not opposed to expedited marketing authorizations. But these must be accompanied by increased pharmacovigilance, and information feedback tools accessible to the general public and healthcare professionals, with free access to complete trial data.

The Fakemed Collective


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