Covid-19: what will ministers do during the holiday season?

Where are they going to make the “bamboche” according to the expression popularized by the prefect of the Center-Val de Loire region? With the health crisis and the end of the year celebrations subject to curfew, the schedule of members of the government is being watched closely. Especially after Emmanuel Macron tested positive on December 17 and a working dinner was held the day before, sparking controversy due to his late schedule and the number of participants.

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“Many ministers will do the 31 alone at home or as a couple”, said Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship, at JDD. “And at Christmas, it will be very soft. The French would not understand that we have festive and late Christmas Eve when we ask for efforts.”

Both contact cases of Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister and the Minister responsible for Relations with the Parliament will be patient until Wednesday before leaving for their respective fiefdoms. Jean Castex, who was to spend the holidays in the Pyrénées-Orientales, postponed his departure. He must wait for the results of the test he will take on Wednesday before lifting his quarantine and going to Prades with his family.

As for Marc Fesneau, if the result of his test is negative, he will leave the capital for Isère and a Christmas in a small committee, before returning home to Marchenoir (Loir-et-Cher), indicates le Parisien (subscribers article). “You have to be French among the French. It is not because one is a minister that one does not live things as people live them “, assured Marc Fesneau to the Paris daily newspaper.

The Minister of Economy and Finance has also planned a New Year’s Eve in a closed circle. Bruno Le Maire will not go to his family home in the Basque Country, but to the Alps, with his wife and four children, specify The JDD and The Parisian. Tested positive for Covid-19 last September, the boss of Bercy does not plan to be tested.

Marlène Schiappa has planned a schedule “spread out“, reveals The JDD, with her husband and two daughters on the evening of December 24, then on December 26 with her sister. She will join her parents the following week and intends to be tested. “I will see the rest of my family during the day, while respecting the curfew, in small groups”, let Marlène Schiappa know Parisian.

The Minister of Labor will go to Nice, in the Alpes-Maritimes, just like Eric Dupond-Moretti, the Minister of Justice, who will be with his companion, singer Isabelle Boulay, reveals The Parisian.

On the front line in the fight against Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic, the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Olivier Véran, said this Monday on Europe 1 that, for the time being, he was still “in preparing the agenda for crisis management and the vaccination campaign”. Before concluding : “I think that’s the most important thing”. At Parisian, he replied that he did not “didn’t know” what will be his program. According to The JDD, the minister warned his relatives that he will not accompany them for the holidays.

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