Covid-19: when the immune system turns against the body

Severe symptoms of the disease could be consequences of the immune system’s war on the virus.

Covid-19 has a strange relationship with our immune system. From the start of the epidemic, doctors noticed that the most serious forms of the disease seemed less linked to the damage done by the virus itself than to the consequences of a sudden runaway of the immune system for about ten days. after infection called “cytokine storm”. A large part of the symptoms of the disease in its most acute form are thus only the collateral damage of this all-out war suddenly launched by the body against the virus.

But that’s not all. More recently, an international team led by Jean-Laurent Casanova, director of the human genetics of infectious diseases laboratory shared between Paris (Imagine-hospital Necker institute / University of Paris / Inserm) and New York (Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the university Rockefeller), showed that in almost 14% of severe cases, patients had little or no interferons

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