Covid-19: who are the French who refused the vaccine?

DECRYPTION – They are still more than 4 million despite a very active vaccination campaign for a year and increasingly numerous constraints.

Covid-19 has already killed 122,000 people in France, and yet a significant portion of the population continues to refuse vaccination. Emmanuel Macron was shocked on Wednesday in an interview with Parisian-Today in France , by qualifying these people as “irresponsible” that their “immense moral fault” towards the rest of the nation deprives of their quality of citizen. Behind the “non-vaccinated” label, who can we find now, one year after the first injections in France?

According to the Ministry of Health, 5.1 million French people have not yet received any vaccine dose. It seems more relevant to focus, among them, on the 4.1 million adults able to decide for themselves. The third part of the Slavaco survey led by sociologist Jeremy Ward (specialist in attitudes towards vaccines and vaccine controversies at Inserm), published this Thursday, allows us to refine what we know. Out of 2022 respondents representative of the population …

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